About Us

As a start, we won’t pretend to be Europe’s leading manufacturer!

We are in fact, a small family-based company that will do everything it takes to win every customer.


Why Calisthenics products? 

Being obsessed with gym but also with my corporation career, many times hitting weights 4 to 5 times a week became an effort. While traveling I have become more experienced with body weight workout routine and very soon, I bought my first resistance bands. And guess what? The first ever product sold by Cali Sports were resistance bands!


Where are we today?

We have slowly diversified our product portfolio and we are now focusing to take a step closer to the calisthenics communities around UK and Europe. Our short-term focus is to get involved and support starting athletes and calisthenics competitions.


Where are we heading?

We would like to cover a solid range of indoor and outdoor equipment, but also all the enabling platforms to grow and support the sport that brings us together.


Let me know when did you start calisthenics and what do you love most about this sport?

Email: norbert@calisports.co.uk



Founder of CALI SPORTS