7 essential calisthenics equipment to get you started

7 essential calisthenics equipment to get you started

Stuck in a rut with your workout? Calisthenics training equipment can take your workout to a new level. Whether it is to bring something new to your workout or to increase training progress, there is something for everyone. And also because calisthenics equipment is light and portable, it can be used anywhere, whether you are training at home or outdoors.

Wondering where to start? Although it may seem like it first, many beginners tend to have the impression that it only involves one’s body and no equipment at all. This is surely not the case. There is a wide range of different equipment which one can use for getting more out of their exercises and in this article we will be summing up the essentials.

Workout Mat

This is a must-have for anyone who is serious about starting with calisthenics training. It is especially useful for exercises that require you to sit or lay down. Workout mats come in a range of sizes and colors and are relatively easy to store away. Note that these mats come in different degrees of thickness. Generally speaking, the thicker the mat the safer, if you happen to fall down.

Gymnastics Rings

Gym rings are very often underrated in calisthenics, although they offer endless training possibilities. Initially, rings were mainly used by gymnasts, but now more and more athletes are discovering the benefits that a ring workout brings. Due to the additional required stabilization of the body, rings have many advantages in functional strength building, building muscle endurance and fat burning. When getting gymnastic rings, make sure that the rings are of high quality wood and that the straps are adjustable and of sturdy material in order to be secure while using them. Gymnastic rings are great calisthenics equipment that builds both strength and balance while carrying out various exercises.

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Liquid Chalk

Liquid chalk is generally used for improving your grip when doing various calisthenics exercises. Having a solid grip plays a big role in being able to perform exercises. This is where the chalk is useful as it makes your hands less likely to be slippery. In general you should apply the chalk only to areas that will be touching the equipment. If you carry a workout that requires gripping and grabbing things as lot then it may be good to consider getting some chalk.


Pull up bands

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There are endless uses for resistance bands. They are mainly used for building up strength through simple exercises that push the body to new limits. Resistance bands, pull-up bands are highly recommended when starting out with calisthenics exercises. When using these bands make sure that you have a proper grip and that your footing is stable. Some of the calisthenics exercises you can try out in the beginning include: front squat, lateral pull-downs, push-ups or overhead press. These are perfect exercises to try out with resistance bands as they are very simple, and tend to be fun whilst causing less strain on your joints and wrists.

 Jumping Rope

A jumping rope is one of the best calisthenics equipment you can get when starting out. If you want to lose weight and get shredded jump rope is a very effective way of working out. Jumping Rope is actually a high-intensity workout that is very effective for losing weight fast and get rid of those extra calories. Don’t have much time? Then this workout will fit your schedule perfectly! Just keep going and keep the intensity high and you will notice the results quickly.


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Parallettes are another set of calisthenics equipment that you can choose to use when starting out with your exercises. They are often used for doing dips, push-ups, L-sits and the list goes on. One of the important aspects of using parallettes is your hand grip. Always make sure that your wrists are straight when doing exercises and not bent. Using parallettes also requires good balance when doing several exercises. Paralettes are relatively easy to use, but if you have never used this equipment before, know it may take some getting used to but it is not difficult at all once you get the hang of it.


Wrist Wraps

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Wrist wraps can be very useful to have when doing calisthenics as it will help you perform various exercises. Calisthenics can sometimes be rough on your hands and wrists. Thus, wearing proper gloves and wrist wraps can be of added-value preventing the risk of injuries and improving your overall hand-grip.

Making use of the equipment we have covered in this article can be a great way of getting started with your calisthenics exercises. Remember, it is always important to use any equipment safely and to make sure that it is used properly. Always take into consideration the way that the equipment is built and the quality of the materials used. Calisthenics equipment can certainly be a great boost to your training exercises.

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